2018 Miami International Fitness Expo - Meet the Athletes | Executive Digital Video Production

Video Production by Executive Digital. Buy tickets for June 8th, 2019 for the 3rd Annual Miami International Fitness Expo (M.I.F.E); host to the 5th Annual Miami Muscle Beach Pro (MMBP), an International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) Pro show, and the 5th Annual Miami Muscle Beach Championships (MMBC), a National Physique Committee (NPC) National Qualifier. The M.I.F.E is also host to the 3rd Annual Fit Life Games in Functional Fitness, the 2nd Annual 305 Ninja Showdown & the 2nd Annual Clash of Saiyans in Calisthenics. Be on the lookout for the additions of Parkour, Military Muscle’s Obstacle Course & the 1st annual Diamond Bikini Model Search. With some of the biggest names in the fitness industry and the support of the IFBB, NPC & the Military Muscle Foundation plus local Ninja, Calisthenics & Functional Fitness gyms; the M.I.F.E hosts the best fitness weekend of events, in the best tropic city in the nation.